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Counter Strike 2D

What is Counter-Strike 2D?

Counter-Strike 2D is more than just a freeware 2D clone of the most famous tactical multiplayer shooter ever! You can play it like Counter-Strike by Valve Software. Plant and defuse bombs, rescue hostages or escort the V.I.P.! In addition to the original Counter-Strike map types (as, cs, de) you can play some new map types like ctf (Capture the Flag) or dom (Domination). Moreover you have different game modes in Counter-Strike 2D. Why don't you play a fast-paced deathmatch session? There's also a construction mode in CS2D! Build walls, barbed wire and turrets to protect your base! Even a zombie mode is included!


- Online Gaming (Internet & Lan)
- Offline Gaming with and versus Bots
- All Weapons from Counter-Strike
- All CS Missions like Hostage Rescue or Bomb Planting
- 3D accelerated Special FX
- 3D Sounds
- Fog of War for tactical Gaming
- Dynamic Entity System with Triggers
- Console & Scripting
- Easy to use Map Editor
- U.S.G.N. (Unreal Software Gaming Network) Support (Serverlist & Friends System)
- New Map/Mission-Types like Capture the Flag and Domination
- New Game Modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Construction and Zombies!
- Many additional Weapons like RPG-Launcher, Laser, Molotov Cocktail, ... and many more!
- Stats and Ranking System
- Lua 5.1.4 Scripting Support for customized Servers
- Tons of Custom Maps and Skins

Who made it?

Counter-Strike 2D is a freeware game by Peter Schauß / Unreal Software.
It's in development for over five years already!
Please visit Unreal Software at for more information and other cool freeware games!

What's new?

New Weapons

Counter-Strike 2D contains ALL weapons you know from Counter-Strike. Including all grenades and even the tactical shield. Moreover there are a lot of new weapons:
- Flare (removes Fog of War)
- Flamethrower
- Laser
- RPG Launcher
- Rocket Launcher
- Grenade Launcher
- Molotov Cocktail
- Gas Grenade
- Mine
- Airstrike
- Snowball
- Machete
- Wrench (Construction)
- Claw (Zombies)
- Chainsaw
- Laser Mines
- Portal Gun

New Armors

Of course you have kevlar vests in CS2D. In addition there are these special armors:
- Light Armor
- Armor
- Heavy Armor
- Super Armor
- Medic Armor (heals you)
- Stealth Suit (makes you nearly invisible)

New Missions

CS2D features all mission types of Counter-Strike (as, cs, de) and also some new types:
- CTF - Capture the Flag (bring the flag of your enemy to your flag)
- DOM - Domination (capture all flags/areas)

New Game Modes

Round based gaming with teams is not the only way you can play CS2D! These are the game modes which are available:
- Standard (teams & rounds)
- Deathmatch (no teams & no rounds, instant respawn)
- Team Deathmatch (teams & no rounds, instant respawn)
- Construction (teams & no rounds, instant respawn, build stuff)
- Zombies! (teams & rounds, instant respawn, zombies infest survivors)

download here (6 MB)

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